Roundtable Luncheons

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Roundtable Luncheons

New for 2019!

Make new connections, share your ideas and gain valuable insights into what’s next for defense unmanned systems during interactive roundtable luncheons. Attendees will self-select topics of interest during registration and will be assigned to participate in interactive discussions over lunch each conference day.

Each day, sixteen topics will be offered spanning industry issues, technology trends and service specific program discussions. Each table will be facilitated by a DoD or industry representative well-versed in the assigned topic.

Roundtable Topics:

Key Industry Issues

  • Acquisition Innovation (8 tables available; each table seats 9 attendees + 1 moderator/facilitator)
  • Working with the U.S. Government (3 tables available)
  • Rapid Equipping and Prototyping (3 tables available)
  • Advancements in Training (3 tables available)

Technology Trends/Challenges

  • UAS Mitigation (8 tables available)
  • Ground Robot Autonomy (3 tables available)
  • Artificial Intelligence (5 tables available)
  • Swarming Technology (5 tables available)
  • Manned/Unmanned Teaming (3 tables available)

Service Specific Discussions

  • Air Force Initiatives (5 tables available)
  • Navy Initiatives – Air (5 tables available)
  • Navy Initiatives – Maritime (3 tables available)
  • Marine Corps Initiatives (3 tables available)
  • Army Initiatives – Air (5 tables available)
  • Army Initiatives – Ground (3 tables available)
  • DARPA Initiatives (3 tables available)

**Topics and table allocations subject to change**

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Interested in sponsoring to lead a Roundtable? Email or call Wes Morrison at +1 571-255-7763.