Counter-UAS Program

Counter-UAS Program

Hear from defense leaders, homeland security professionals, law enforcement and industry experts as they discuss UAS mitigation – both internationally and here at home. Session topics will cover the latest technologies available to counter drone threats, opportunities to engage with government agencies to develop new solutions and discussions on proactive measures to combat illicit drone use.

Wednesday, February 7

1015 – 1045 DARPA Unmanned Systems Technology Development

Description: This presentation will provide an overview of DARPA's efforts in developing new unmanned platforms and associated technologies. In doing so, it will examine the agency's history in this area, ranging from DARPA's work on early UAV's to more recent UxS initiatives. Finally, it will highlight the agency's current focus on autonomy and counter-UAS efforts.

Speaker: Mr. Jean-Charles Ledé, Acting Deputy Director,Tactical Technology Office, DARPA

1415 – 1445 Defining the Defense Department's Unmanned Systems Threat: Challenges and Opportunities

Description: Adversary use of unmanned systems technology is challenging the Department of Defense's capability development and procurement processes. A senior steering group was formed to align, integrate and accelerate counter unmanned systems efforts across the Department. Initially focused on policy, technology and operational challenges, efforts expanded to posturing the Department for long-term success against adversary exploitation of unmanned systems technology across domains.

Speaker: BG Clement S. Coward, Jr., Deputy Director for Force Protection, U.S. Army J8

Thursday, February 8

1000 – 1030 UAS and Counter- UAS Considerations for the FBI

Description: The FBI is pursuing increased use of unmanned aerial systems for law enforcement and national security operations. With increased operational objectives come significant challenges. These challenges present in both in the operational and counter UAS arena. Potential solutions will also be addressed as well as how we can collaborate as partners across law enforcement, DOD, the private and public sectors to endeavor to resolve these challenges.

Speaker: Mr. Scott Brunner, Section Chief, Surveillance and Aviation Section, Critical Incident Response Group, Federal Bureau of Investigation

1100 – 1130 Shoot – Don't Shoot: Empowering the Binary Decision Counter-UAS, Persistent Surveillance and AI in the Field

Description: A binary decision, shoot, don’t shoot. Stop, go. Left, Right, Faster, Slower. Up, down. Kill, don’t kill. These are the binary decisions that our sensors and platforms enable on a daily basis. Ultimately, regardless of tech specs, innovation and science, our end users need us to enable the binary decision they have to make, which at times could mean life and death. How do we create the conditions for an optimal binary decision?  Helping the human to see things they wouldn’t normally see and know things they wouldn’t normally know. From this, a binary decision can be made more quickly and more correctly than ever before. Whether the mission is defeating malicious UAVs, securing a large public venue or analyzing a vast data set quickly, building a system that empowers the human decision instead of replacing it is the critical path for our industry.

Speaker: Mr. Tim Sheehy, CEO, Ascent Vision

 1130 – 1230 Panel: Addressing the Counter-UAS Threat at Home and Abroad

Description: As the use of small UAS increases for a number of beneficial missions, so does the threat of their misuse, either intentionally or unintentionally. This panel will address the potential threats that must be considered, both here at home and abroad. Government representatives from the DOD, DHS, FBI, DOE and law enforcement will participate in a discussion addressing key issues of interest to the community and potential solutions to reduce the threat.

Moderator: Mr. Andrew Lacher, Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Research Strategist, The MITRE Corporation

Panelists: Dr. Gerald Curry, Deputy Associate Under Secretary for Security, U.S. Department of Energy; Joseph W. Mazel, Associate General Counsel Chief, Operational Technology Law Unit, FBI; Ms. Anh Duong, Program Executive for Unmanned Aerial Systems, Department of Homeland Security - Science and Technology

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Counter-UAS Exhibitors

ADS, Inc. 306
Ascent Vision - UAV Vision 313
Avion Unmanned Solutions 615
Cobham 500
CyPhy Works 314
Dedrone 403
Elma Electronic, Inc. 817
Lockheed Martin 501
Martin UAV 607
Northwest UAV 504
Polaris Government & Defense 513
Quiet Professionals, LLC 605
Silicon Forest Electronics, Inc. 617
Ulti-Mate Connector, Inc. 712
VectorNav Technologies 506
WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc 706

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