Hear from defense leaders, law enforcement and industry experts as they discuss how the DOD is sustaining the force through education and training, how are unmanned systems being used to support operational logistics and the opportunities that are available to support unmanned systems maintenance and retrofit.

Tuesday, February 6

1615 – 1715 Panel: Unmanned Systems Supporting Operational Logistics and Sustainment

Description: The military is looking to unmanned systems to solve a complicated challenge – logistics. Across services and domains, the DOD is investing in new technologies to accomplish troop resupply, facilitate medical evacuations and provide secure mobility for convoys. This panel session will feature key leaders representing different services and efforts discussing the future of unmanned systems supporting operational logistics, lessons learned from recent experimentation and opportunities for industry participation.

Moderator: Mr. Matt Dooley, Principal Consultant, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, JHNA, Inc.

Panelists: Friedrich N. Wehrli, Deputy TCM-Transportation, Unmanned Air-Maritime Division Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM); Lt. Col. Daniel Schmitt, OIC, Field Testing Branch, Experiment Division, Marine Corps Warfighting Lab; Chris Van Buiten, Vice President, Sikorsky Innovations, Lockheed Martin; Maj. Justin Gogel, Rapid Capabilities Officer Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory


Wednesday, February 7

1345 – 1415 Maneuver Warfare in Amphibious Operations in the 21st Century

Description: The Marine Corps will address the latest capabilities being explored by the Marine Corp Warfighting Lab including autonomy, swarming, and information warfare.

Speaker: Lt. Col. Dan Schmitt, USMC Field Testing Branch and Maj. Justin Gogel, Rapid Capabilities Officer, Marine Corp Warfighting Laboratory

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