Program Topics


Unmanned Systems— Defense. Protection. Security. will gather managers, decision makers and technology experts for the most comprehensive military- and government-focused event in the unmanned systems industry.

Hear and learn directly from decision makers and customers on key topics, including innovation, investment, and sustainment, as we answer the most pressing questions facing our industry.


Innovation: How are the Department of Defense and other government agencies preparing for tomorrow's threats? 

  • How are we using, protecting and maximizing artificial intelligence and machine learning for defense applications?
  • Will emerging applications such as teaming and swarming improve warfare? What challenges must be addressed?
  • What are the DOD and U.S. Government doing to improve technology development and capitalize on commercial industry?
  • What are the key technology areas of most significance to decision makers, and how can the unmanned systems industry take advantage?

Investment: How and where organizations are spending?

  • What are the defense and security spending trends and impacts on the unmanned industry?
  • How are DOD technology acquisition strategies changing and what is the way forward?
  • What are the near-term opportunities for industry participation?

Sustainment: What are the emerging opportunities in training, logistics, resupply and maintenance?

  • How is the DOD sustaining the force through education and training?
  • How are unmanned systems being used to support operational logistics?
  • What opportunities are available to support unmanned systems maintenance and retrofit?

These are a small sample of the topics that will be addressed at Unmanned Systems— Defense. Protection. Security. Visit the Agenda page for details!