Scott Lathrop

Dr. Scott D. Lathrop

Dr. Scott Lathrop

Scott D. Lathrop, Ph.D., CISSP, is SoarTech’s Director of Cyber and Secure Autonomy. By combining artificial intelligence with human factors, SoarTech builds intelligent systems to enhance human operations for defense and commercial applications, to include cyber, training systems, and robotics. As the Director of Cyber and Secure Autonomy, Scott is leading a team that is investigating the intersection of AI and cyber to support human-machine teaming for cyberspace/EW operations, workforce development, and trustworthy autonomy. Prior to joining SoarTech, Scott was a Colonel in the United States Army, culminating his military career as the Director of Advanced Capability and Technology at the United States Cyber Command where he led the command’s research and development efforts while serving as the chief scientist and technology officer for the Commander, United States Cyber Command/Director, National Security Agency. Scott is a distinguished graduate from the United States Military Academy/West Point and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan. Scott received the Army’s Draper Leadership Award as an Armored/Cavalry company commander, led the development of some of the Army’s first cloud-based command and control applications, and was recognized for teaching and research excellence as an associate professor at the Military Academy’s nationally-rated Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. He was an early developer and coach of the the National Security Agency’s and Military Academies’ Cyber Defense Exercise and an early contributor to West Point’s robotics program. His research interests include cybersecurity, AI/cognitive architectures, machine learning, and autonomous unmanned systems, publishing 25+ articles in those areas. Scott is a Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, a Graduate Faculty Scholar at the University of Central Florida, and a board member of a non-profit Veteran’s transition organization.